Clear Skies in Clearwater

Well Phillies fans we made it! The statue is safely placed on the main concourse in Bright House Field. We made it right before the exhibition game on Wednesday versus FSU. The With Love Phanatic statue must obviously be a good luck charm as the Phightins won that game and also the game against the Yankees on Thursday.

We had to make a stop at Lenny’s with our GPTMC friends Jeff and Lauren. This is a must stop in Clearwater not only for their great breakfast, but also for their Phillies pride around the diner! It made us feel like we were back in Philly.


Bright House Field was full of Phillies fans and they all wanted to take their picture next to the statue.


This statue was only one of 20 six-foot statues that will be placed around Philly between April and August. On March 29 all Phanatic works of art will be unveiled at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. This is a great way to see all of them before you can begin your own adventure trying to find all 20 around the city.

Troy and I had a great time on our Phearless Phanatic Roadtrip. We loved all your comments and for following our trip down.

Keep checking in as you may never know when another adventure may begin!

With Love,

Orlando then Clearwater

It’s  Wednesday  and we are about to make it to Clearwater.  Before  we finally made  it there, we  had to  make  one  more stop.  On  the long  drive,  Travis mentioned  that he  has  never gone  to  Disney before.  We all know that  Disney is the  place  where  all your dreams  come true, so the  Phanatic  and I made  sure  we would take care  of this for Travis.  We  surprised  him with  a stop at Epcot and  took some great  pics.  Travis  was  so  happy and we  even  made  some  fellow  Phightin’ friends.  

Clearwater here  we  come.

With  Love,
From  Philly




Daytona Beach

Welcome to the sunshine state Phightin fans! We crossed the border last night as we saw a line of palm trees pointing us towards oranges, warmer weather, and of course SPRING TRAINING! As we cruised down 95, we heard the distant vroom of engines, and the furry guy in the back wanted to check it out so we made a slight right towards Daytona Beach, home of the Daytona 500 and, luckily for us, BIKE WEEK!! As we came up to the legendary racetrack, some of the bikers saw what we were rolling with. Four cylinders, 7 horsepower, and a purring engine (most likely with a hairball in it).

We were talking some trash and of course had to race for pink slips. Did we win? Of course we won! But we couldn’t fit a harley davidson in the back so we asked for them to take us around the track instead.

You all know as well I do that good things come to an end, and we had a great time in Daytona, but the NL Champs are calling.



South of the Border!

<div South of the border.JPG

Hey Phillies fans, it’s your favorite Road Trip Duo! Just finished our stop to South of the Border. For those of you who have not been before, it’s a fun stop on 95 and the Phanatic went wild.


The Phanatic darted towards a clothing store which had an ‘around the world’ theme. Troy and the Phanatic spent hours messing around and trying to do their best Bob Marley impression. In other news, Troy still can’t sing.

Pink Gorilla.JPG

The Phanatic was strutting his stuff in his sumbrero and feeling like the ‘head honcho’, so he challenged a pink guerrila to a wrestling match, but lost. Don’t worry Troy and I saved him just in the nick of time.

savannah river.JPG

We went back on the road anxiously awaiting our stop in Savannah, one of the most amazing places the Phanatic has ever been. Savannah is known for its historic town squares and legendary views of the Savannah River from the River Walk.


We all went to check it out, and believe it or not the Phanatic jumped on a ship named The Peacemaker. The crew was startled at first, but once they saw it was the Phanatic, they treated him like he was the ‘king of the world’. Troy and the Phanatic did their best Titanic impression, and then it was time to hit the road to Florida.

South Carolina and Savannah were great places to stop and see, but we’re destined for Clearwater. With love, Philly.