Orlando then Clearwater

It’s  Wednesday  and we are about to make it to Clearwater.  Before  we finally made  it there, we  had to  make  one  more stop.  On  the long  drive,  Travis mentioned  that he  has  never gone  to  Disney before.  We all know that  Disney is the  place  where  all your dreams  come true, so the  Phanatic  and I made  sure  we would take care  of this for Travis.  We  surprised  him with  a stop at Epcot and  took some great  pics.  Travis  was  so  happy and we  even  made  some  fellow  Phightin’ friends.  

Clearwater here  we  come.

With  Love,
From  Philly






  1. ray.spitzfield@gmail.com

    I think I saw y0u guys on tv LOL. Epcot is fun. I used to like the german area with the beer tastings… O well – keep out of the sun.

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