South of the Border!

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Hey Phillies fans, it’s your favorite Road Trip Duo! Just finished our stop to South of the Border. For those of you who have not been before, it’s a fun stop on 95 and the Phanatic went wild.


The Phanatic darted towards a clothing store which had an ‘around the world’ theme. Troy and the Phanatic spent hours messing around and trying to do their best Bob Marley impression. In other news, Troy still can’t sing.

Pink Gorilla.JPG

The Phanatic was strutting his stuff in his sumbrero and feeling like the ‘head honcho’, so he challenged a pink guerrila to a wrestling match, but lost. Don’t worry Troy and I saved him just in the nick of time.

savannah river.JPG

We went back on the road anxiously awaiting our stop in Savannah, one of the most amazing places the Phanatic has ever been. Savannah is known for its historic town squares and legendary views of the Savannah River from the River Walk.


We all went to check it out, and believe it or not the Phanatic jumped on a ship named The Peacemaker. The crew was startled at first, but once they saw it was the Phanatic, they treated him like he was the ‘king of the world’. Troy and the Phanatic did their best Titanic impression, and then it was time to hit the road to Florida.

South Carolina and Savannah were great places to stop and see, but we’re destined for Clearwater. With love, Philly.